Man City vs Tottenham Preview

It will be the 3rd meeting in ten days for these two teams with all of them of crucial importance for both teams. This match might prove crucial in the title race as Manchester City are still trailing Liverpool by 2 points. It’s rarely you see this many high profile matches in this short span of time with this much at stake with both teams.

Man City will enter this contest after a Champions League match against Tottenham which will determine whether they will continue in the competition or not. According to the schedule, they will play three days after that match at home just like the Champions League. Last time they played they won 3-1 against a solid Crystal Palace team that never really threatened them despite City being in a bit of odd spot after a defeat in London a few days before. Manager Guardiola was adamant that they value both competitions equally which will mean they will need to be on their best in both matches.

Tottenham also had a stellar display in the league during the weekend which saw them beat Huddersfield 4-0 with ease. That bodes well for them as it built more confidence after their hard-fought victory against City in the Champions League. They will need an even better performance if they hope to topple city both in the Champions League return fixture as well in the League. When it comes to previous matches Man City has had the upper hand but the last match was won by Tottenham albeit not in very convincing fashion. The general form is also on the side of Man City who still in this very advanced stage of the campaign don’t seem to slow down. Despite the recent loss, it’s been nothing but victories and a victory in this seems also likely.

Many argued that Manchester city blew their Champions League advancement against a lesser opponent so all eyes will be on them to see whether they will blow their Premier League title as well. They are currently on top with only one point ahead of Liverpool but with a decent schedule. Its one thing to assume they will and it’s an entirely different matter to do it on the pitch. The game against Tottenham proved just that, even Man City with all their stars and potential can fail in certain circumstances.

Their opponent Leicester hasn’t been playing great football lately despite winning the last match they played. For those that didn’t see that one, they demolished Arsenal in pretty big fashion 3-0 sealing the Gooners fate this season. Other than that their season is practically over as they can’t secure a position in Europe meaning they will finish most likely 8th or 9th which is about where many expected them to finish.

Man City needs to win this one and most likely will as it’s hard to imagine any team that could go to the City of Manchester Stadium and be considered anything but an outsider in that match. Leicester have proven in the past that they can play them tough but even they did they ended losing in very high-scoring matches that often delivered four or five goals.

Even with all of that said there is always a slight chance that Man City could have one of those matches where nothing goes according to plan and the ball simply won’t go into the net. The most successful teams usually can overcome those odds and if City wants to be the Champion they will need to do that. Against Tottenham, they failed but will they against a lesser team?

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