Man City vs Tottenham Preview

It will be the 3rd meeting in ten days for these two teams with all of them of crucial importance for both teams. This match might prove crucial in the title race as Manchester City are still trailing Liverpool by 2 points. It’s rarely you see this many high profile matches in this short span of time with this much at stake with both teams.

Man City will enter this contest after a Champions League match against Tottenham which will determine whether they will continue in the competition or not. According to the schedule, they will play three days after that match at home just like the Champions League. Last time they played they won 3-1 against a solid Crystal Palace team that never really threatened them despite City being in a bit of odd spot after a defeat in London a few days before. Manager Guardiola was adamant that they value both competitions equally which will mean they will need to be on their best in both matches.

Man Utd vs Chelsea & Man City vs Tottenham

This will be the best match this late in this season in the Premier League. Generally, the Premier League hasn’t been this entertaining in years in terms and this match completely demonstrates that. Manchester United will host Chelsea in a match that could and possibly will determine which of these teams will secure a spot in next years Champions League. United are only 3 points behind Chelsea who have played one match more so they could skip over them in the standings if they pull out a draw against City in the midweek clash.